2 Talking Blue and Gold Macaw parrots for good homes now » الأردن » إربد

These blue and gold macaws are looking for there forever homes big strong healthy birds fed on best quality food hand reared in a family environment very tame and affectionate . Close rung and will come with hatching certificate Ready to go now , These parrots are well tamed and friendly with other pets at home and kids as well . 1 year old now current on all shots and vaccines . Get in touch for more pictures and details of these parrots, If interested Please contact me via ( emilialynn2@gmail.com )

  • العضو محمود خالد
  • رقم الاعلان 19248
  • الدولة : الأردن
  • المدينة : إربد
  • السعر : 0دينار أردني
  • قسم الازياء :
  • تاريخ الاضافة : منذ 17 يوم
  • وسيلة الاتصال : emilialynn2@gmail.com


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