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We Build And Manufacturing Wooden Pergola In Dubai, pergola Project, Jumeirah Pergola project Abu Dhabi Our Pergola Project In Sharjah, Dubai , Abu Dhabi , , Ajman , Al Ain, pergolas in UAE, like Wooden Pergola Car parking pergola, Outdoor pergola, Balcony Attached pergola, BBQ Pergola , modern and luxury pergola, Patio Pergola swimming pool pergola, free standing pergola, cars parking wooden shades, sun shades covered roof pergola, seating area pergola, pergola for restaurant, wooden decking and gazebos according to our client needs and preferences. Overall the Melody Technical Services L.L.C has been and is being carried out large projects in various type of property in public and private sector with the credibility in respect of best quality material and adequate landscaping with punctual, efficient and excellent services . With due consideration for the satisfaction, fulfillment of requirement and desire of the customer our constant endeavor is to prove worthy of your choice and belief. We hope your response to opt our services available on your call any time please send your name and E mail ID for onward communication. Contact Info Mr. Tufail Ahmad WhatsApp : +971 55 497 2430 Tell : 04 346 1492


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